Organized in 1909 | Federated 1911 | Looking forward to another 100 years.

Silver City Woman's Club Bylaws

The Silver City Woman’s Club Bylaws is a comprehensive document that outlines the rules that govern the internal management of our organization. Bylaws are written by the organization’s Bylaws Committee and cover the organizational structure, membership, constituency, dues and finance, officer duties, nominations and elections, conventions, how board and executive committee members are elected, community service programs, committees, amendments, and ethical standards, among others.

Current Officers, left to right: Joni Miller, Carol Brooks, Crystal Drennan, Gail Dunigan, Renny Hutton, GFWC State President Alisa Estrada.

SCWC Officers 2018-2020

President: Joni Miller

President-elect: Carol Brooks

First Vice President: Crystal Drennan

Recording Secretary: Gail Dunigan

Treasurer: Renny Hutton

Board of Trustees:
Susie Salars Chair
Lequita Lett
Lucinda Maddox
Margaret Perez
Carolee Cross

National & International Woman's Club Organizations

General Federation of Women's Clubs

GFWC New Mexico

Past Presidents

* is used for each term if more than one term

Mrs. C. E. Burton      

Mrs. A. K. Angle           

Mrs. W. C. Porterfield 

Mrs. J. R. Kinyon         

Mrs. W. B. Walton       

Mrs. Percy Wilson       

Mrs. E. M. Brumback  

Mrs. J. J. Kiner            

Mrs. Victor Culberson 

Mrs. John Turner        

Mrs. Joseph Woodbury        

Miss V. E. Weaver       

Miss Birdie Adams      

Mrs. William Harris    

Mrs. A. D. Seitzler       

Mrs. Marcellus McCreary    

Mrs. J. B. Gilchrist              

Mrs. John H. Amy       

Mrs. Payne Sears         

Mrs. F. E. Morton        

Mrs. Seth Larson

Mrs. W. S. Haston

Mrs. Oma Berry Gwyn

Mrs. Paul Ashby           

Mrs. Togo Moore         

Mrs. Dean French, Sr.        

Dr. Eve Parker             

Mrs. Joseph Hodges                       

Mrs. E. R. Matheny

Mrs. C. O. Prevost

Mrs. A. C. Cox

Mrs. Barney Borenstsein

Mrs. Hubert Cone

Mrs. A. A. Luck **

Mrs. Kenneth Thomas

Mrs. Joyce Calhoun

Mrs. O. M. Linn

Mrs. E. A. Slover

Mrs. Russell Bert

Mrs. Monte Ray **

Mrs. Frank Thayer

Mrs. J. K. Goforth **

Mrs. John T. McMillen

Mrs. Robert Everard **

Mrs. Paul Gantz

Mrs. Clarence Lamb

Mrs. Robert Church


Mrs. W. F. Ely

Mrs. Helen Hole **

Mrs. Clair Tozer **

Mrs. .H. L. Kuester **

Miss. Virginia Klaenhammer

Mrs. T. T. McDonald

Mrs. J. R. Stewart

Mrs. Jesse Blair **

Mrs. Ferne Nolan **

Mrs. Grace Nickel

Mrs. Shirley Havens

Mrs. Margaret Perez **

Mrs. Genevieve Tozer

Mrs. Betty Hunt (Putnam)

Mrs. Eleanor Van Horn

Mrs. Madeline Braly

Mrs. Anna Griggs

Mrs. Patricia Curtis Petty

Mrs. Carol Brooks

Mrs. Lucinda Maddox

Mrs. Karan Turner

Mrs. Pamela Houck

Kathleen Schuster