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Organized in 1909 | Federated 1911 | Looking forward to another 100 years.

Organized on April 28, 1909

The Woman’s Club was originally called the Mother’s Club. It was organized on April 28, 1909, and was comprised of fifteen members who became the first charter members of the Woman’s Club. Having no building of their own, they met in the homes and public buildings.

Mrs. C. E. Barton was the first president. Dues of $.50 were soon raised to $1.00. On March 24, 1911, the Mother’s Club merged into the Woman’s Club and became federated with the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. They became charter members of the State Federation on October 14, 1911.

The club was active in volunteer and charitable work. In addition to providing food and clothing for the needy, they organized the Campfire girls and petitioned the State Board of Education to put a course in domestic science into the public schools. They were always active in projects for children.

Silver City Woman’s Club 1921
In 1921, Mrs. James B. Gilchrist joined the club and began a vigorous campaign for a building. Through her efforts, the club purchased the land on which the building now stands, for a price of $300. Mrs. Gilchrist bought two additional lots at a tax sale for $1.47. These she donated to the club.

While dubious about land so “far out in the country,” the members began to try to raise money for a building. By this time the Woman’s Club was an integral part of the community and sizable donations were received from local businessmen and citizens. Richard Tatch offered to build the club building at cost. The total cost was $6000.

The building was begun in 1935, was completed in 1936 and was dedicated on March 13, 1936. The original building is still being used and no major changes have been made.

While the building is original there have been some improvements. The kitchen was remodeled and painted in the 1980’s and the kitchen stove and hot water heater have been replaced. There is also a new commercial dishwasher in the kitchen. In the main room, the support beams have been repaired and new air conditioners were installed. Also, in addition to new doors, new carpet and drapes have been installed. On the outside, the building has been stuccoed and painted and new outside doors have been built.

On Sept 9, 2003, it was announced that our club building has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. It has also been listed with the New Mexico Historic Preservation Division.

Our Building is considered one of the best examples of the Pueblo Revival style found in southwestern New Mexico. It features a varied parapet, stepped-up planes and a restrained use of decorative vigas. An ornamental bell tower rises above the main entry, and a similar detail is repeated at the southwest corner of the building. The main entry features five-light transoms and glass doors that architect Richard Tatch tapered to suggest lintels often placed above windows in the Pueblo Revival style.

National Register status affords properties protection from demolition, as well as access to technical expertise and grant funds to facilitate restoration and preservation. Income tax credits and government loans are available for protected properties.

The 1960s - In the Press

MEMBERS OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARDS of the Fourth District of the New Mexico Federation of Women's Clubs and of the Silver City Woman's Club work on plans for the Fourth District Convention scheduled for Oct. 11-12 in Silver City.

The Silver City Enterprise - Thursday, May 13, 1965
New President of Silver City Woman’s Club

The annual May Breakfast will be held Saturday, May 15, at 11:00 o'clock by the Silver City Woman's Club, with Mrs. Betty Everard, outgoing president, presiding. .Installation of officers will be held including Mrs. Paul R. Gantz, president; Mrs. Harold E. Cooley, first vice president; Mrs. Kathryn Moses, second vice president; Mrs. Florence McDonald, recording secretary; Mrs; H. R. Wells, corresponding secretary and Mrs. A. A. Luck, treasurer. Committee chairmen will be announced later.

The regular meeting of the Silver City Woman's Club will be held Friday, at which time a memorial service will be given for Mrs. George H. Hester, pioneer resident and member, who passed away this year.